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Handmade Ceramic and fused Glass tiles
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Mural-Painted ceramic and glass Tiles
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Handmade Unique, artistic House Signs
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Desisgning and producing Beit Leed Monument
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Great admiration and joy at seeing Konforty's special and magnificent creations for the house of Lord, the wonderful and unique design of the Ark of the Torah (Aron Kodesh), the cantor's dais (Teivat

Recommendation about Sara Konforty's artwork for the Synagogues 22.11.2009
"And I have filled him… in wisdom and in understanding and in knowledge… to devise skilful works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass"
To Mrs. Sara Konforty,
Founder and manager of the Sara Konforty studio
I would like to convey my great admiration and joy at seeing your special and magnificent creations that uplift, beautify and enrich the house of Lord, beginning with the wonderful and unique design of the Ark of the Torah (Aron Kodesh), the cantor's dais (Teivat Chazzan) and the stained glass windows, which obviously required long hours of thought and meticulous attention to detail, in order to achieve the heartwarming and soul expanding end product.
The memorial plaques, the cover of the Torah scroll (Parochet) and artistic walls that you created, alongside the ceramic tiles and special signs, are a refreshing and captivating sight, true works of art, that are worthy of glorifying and praising any and all institutions that hold themselves in high esteem.
Anyone who visits your gallery gazes with yearning eyes and a full heart at the pure beauty and hard work, and at the thought that goes into every possible detail.
After seeing these creations, what more can I say? It instills joy to the heart to see such marvelous works of art, to discover that there are such amazing people, and to take pleasure in the fact that there are such talented people.
I wish you great success in any path you choose to take, great riches, health, spirituality and expansion of the mind, amen.
 I am confident that anyone who fills his/her home with your creations, in all of which you have infused your heart and soul, will know joy and happiness.
God willing, when the Third Temple is soon built, I am certain that your admirable and alluring creations will adorn the place that we have dreamed of and longed for, for so many years. Amen.
With admiration and respect,
Rabbi Josef Weismann

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